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Eddyline Kayaks is a manufacturer of premier touring kayaks and paddles since 1971 with Legendary Designs by Tom Derrer. Eddyline pioneered vacuum bag and thermoform technology making the highest quality kayaks and paddles for sea kayaking, open water, recreational kayaking and fishing in an environmentally sound manner.

Eddyline is a family business, focused on quality rather than quantity. Our designs are a direct reflection of Tom Derrer’s 50+ years of paddling experience and our philosophy of constant improvement.

Our small size enables us to treat our customers as family, allowing us to communicate personally with them. In return, their passion for paddling continues to inspire us. We at Eddyline are proud to be a part of the kayaking tradition and respect the courage and ingenuity of our paddling ancestors and their passion for being on the water. We invite you to be a part of the Eddyline tradition.

For 45 years Tom Derrer and the staff at Eddyline have remained focused on building quality products and providing superior customer service. Tom’s principal attitude has always been: “If I cannot make it better than what I already know, then I am not improving and neither is the sport I love.” Eddyline has lived the philosophy of “lean manufacturing” and the notion of “constant improvement” from the beginning. They are embodied in the actions of our employees and are one of the reasons we remain healthy and strong today.

Family Owned, proudly handcrafted by American workers, supporting the local economy.

About Us
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