Below you will find a selection of Eddyline videos: Specific models, Eddyline Adventures, Technical and History videos as well as videos the will inspire you.

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Eddyline Outdoors
Eddyline Fishing Inspirational Video
Caribbean Fishing Kayaks
Eddyline Equinox
Eddyline Skylark
Eddyline Rio
Eddyline Samba performance touring kayak
Denali by Eddyline
Eddyline Features and Benefits
Thermoforming Eddyline Kayaks - Forming The Future
Birth of a Kayak - 3D Assembly
Eddyline Kayak History
Canoe and Kayak Magazine visits Eddyline Kayaks
Sea Kayaking Tidal Currents in the San Juan Islands
Sea Kayaking the San Juan Islands
Watching Whales by Sea Kayak in the San Juan Islands
Eddyline Raven in Skookumchuck Rapids
Eddyline Caribbean 12 - First Splash!
Eddyline Shasta Maiden Voyage
C-135 Feature by Feature
C-135 Award Winning Fishing Sit on Top
Eddyline Birth of a Kayak