Surface Scratch Repair on Carbonlite and Modulus Kayaks

Light to moderate surface scratches on Carbonlite  kayak decks and hulls can be repaired in the following manner: The procedures begin with the most gentle treatment and move to more a aggressive and detailed process. Start anywhere on the list and move up the list until you are happy with the result.  Severe/Deep scratches start with Step 4.

  1. Apply a plastic polishing compound such as Meguiars #10, usually available from an automotive or Marine supply. Then apply a wax like Yacht Brite “Serious Shine” (available from our store).
  2. Use an electric buffing pad on a drill to apply a polishing compound such as 3M Finesse, or any other marine polishing compound. If satisfied with the finish, just apply wax. Otherwise proceed with step 1.
  3. Wet sand the area with 800 grit or 1200 grit paper depending on the severity of the scratches. 800 grit is for heavier scratches and may be followed with the 1200 grit to produce a finer finish. Proceed to step 2.
  4. Alternative: To fill deeper scratches, (not gouges) or simply to save time, wet sand lightly, then spray the area with a clear acrylic lacquer such as Krylon. This dries very quickly. You may be happy with the finish at this time or you can wet sand again, spray again and so on until you have reached the desired result.