Caribbean 14 Review Kayak Fish Magazine

Posted May 20th, 2014

Here is a great review of the Caribbean 14 in Kayak Fish Magazine.

Caribbean 14 Review Kayak Fish Magazine – “Eddyline’s stretched-out fishing ride is a sleek, sexy sports car in a pickup truck world.”

The new Eddyline Caribbean 14 looks fast sitting still. It comes in eye-popping colors, in brilliant blue, look-at-me yellow and a shade of red just north of candy-apple. And that shape, the lines, the luscious curves scream out loud. This is not your typical; heavy-hauling fishing kayak. It wants to move, to roam, to go the distance. Eddyline’s stretched-out fishing ride is a sleek, sexy sports car in a pickup truck world.

If you’re going to do something, reinvent it. Don’t be just like everyone else,” says Eddyline’s Tom Remsing. When it came to the company’s first fishing kayaks, the Caribbean 14 and the shorter 12, one goal was paramount. “We’ll design the best paddling hull you’ve ever had,” boasts Remsing.

By current tastes, the Caribbean 14 is every inch a high performance paddler – with contemporary fishing savvy deck design. Just 50 back-friendly pounds (it feels lighter), the Caribbean 14 is thermoformed Carbonlite 2000 plastic. All the gloss of fiberglass with none of the maintenance downsides.

Quick, a sleek 29 inches wide, and surprisingly stable, the Caribbean 14 cockpit nonetheless offers a comfortable elevated perch. Fishing features – without them it’s just a looker – include accessory gear tracks, easy-toggle hatches, tackle storage, and an accessory center hatch cover (pictured). In a world of bigger is better, the Caribbean 14 is a delicious alternative.


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