Introducing the New Eddyline Calypso Sit on Top Kayak

Posted January 5th, 2012

Eddyline is proud to announce the release of our new Calypso Sit on Top. At 12 feet in length with a 30 inch beam, the Calypso stability is extraordinary, yet the highly efficient Eddyline hull design and our smooth Carbonlite material lets her glide through the water with ease. Tracking is exceptional for a twelve footer, making travel over distance much easier. Easy turns are accomplished with a slight lean and sweep. Eddyline applied the principals of the unique Gull Wing configuration on the Calypso hull to retain efficiency and excellent tracking while maximizing stability. The extra sitting height produced by this configuration allows more comfortable seating while helping the cockpit and tank well to drain effectively.

**The Calypso Sit on Top changed its name to the Caribbean 12 shortly after its release in 2012.  This was just a name change.

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