New Sliding Seat with Backrest or Backband

Posted June 26th, 2009

Large Sliding SeatEddyline has designed a new sliding seat for 2009. It is available in the Equinox, Journey, Fathom and Fathom LV.

The padded seat pan is deeper, with more thigh support. No longer attached to the cockpit rim, the seat has 3 inches of adjustment forward and back allowing the paddler to change position relative to the thigh pads for the best fit.

It is available with a new, ergonomic hard backrest with a comfortable pad (Equinox and Journey) or a redesigned backband with a vertical position lock for enhanced back support (Fathom and Fathom LV). They are easily interchangeable.

The new backrest or backband has a locking knob in the rear for setting the vertical position and an easy to reach cleat adjustment at the right side for the forward and back positioning. They also fold forward and are spring loaded to stay in the upright position.

This new system is comfortable for extended paddling trips and very easy to adjust to vary your seating position.

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