Review of the Caribbean (formerly Calypso) in Kayak Angler Magazine

Posted January 27th, 2012

Forty five pounds of lightweight fish catcher.  At Kayak Angler we love little more than boat news, so we were delighted to get this surprise bulletin from Eddyline. They’ve launched a new fishing-friendly sit-on-top, the 12-foot long Caribbean. Someone’s thinking of palm trees, silky coral sand and azure water.

Like every other kayak built by the Burlington, Washington company, the Caribbean is thermoformed from Carbonlite plastic laminate. The result is a boat that matches fiberglass for looks – with the toughness of plastic. They also weigh very little compared to rotomolded polyethylene boats. The Caribbean weighs in at a back friendly 45 pounds. Like anything else, featherweight comes at a premium. The Caribbean’s MSRP is $1279.

The fishing eyeball test reveals a flip-forward bow hatch, console space for a fish finder or other electronics plus a forward rod holder, and the traditional pair behind the cockpit. A cockpit track system shows Eddyline is staying up with the times. It’s the kind of extra that marks modern fishing outfitting. The tankwell is molded for a crate or 5-gallon bucket; an optional stern hatch cover is available. Pairs of small round hatches and paddle parks round out the feature set.   At 12 feet long and 30 inches wide, with gracefully upswept ends and four scuppers, the Caribbean looks like a versatile ride comfortable in freshwater and salt.

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