The New Caribbean 14

Posted October 10th, 2012

Eddyline is delighted to release the next boat in our Sit on Top series, the Caribbean 14.   This sporty kayak retains most of the popular features of the Caribbean 12, with some special additions and options fishermen in particular will be very pleased to see.  Two feet longer and one inch narrower will be an aid to those having to cover some distance to their favorite places. The lengthened cockpit and increased capacity will suit larger individuals or simply enable a larger load.

The cockpit features a long tray down the center with an access hatch looking aft in front of the seat.  An optional console cover allows the paddler to use the hatch as a rod pod, with the cover protecting the reels and whatever else during surf launching and landing.


There is a platform for Plano box storage at the forward end of the cockpit and, as before, multiple options for mounting rod holders, fish finders, depth gauges, etc… The roomy tank well is configured for a milk crate or 5 gallon pail. Multiple hatches allow access to much of the interior.


The Caribbean 14 is topped off with a comfortable high backed seat, foot well pads, balanced carbon fiber side carry handles, retractable carry handles, paddle holders on both sides, multiple flat spots and tracks for mounting accessories, and a variety of rich colors.  Keep your eye out for an earth tone or camo version in the near future.



Length: 14 feet

Beam 29 inches

Capacity: 400 lbs

Cockpit: 55” x 21”

Weight: 50 lbs

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