Available Colors:
Length: 15.5'
Beam: 24"
Weight: 49 lbs
Cockpit Size: 35" x 18.5"
Capacity: 375 lbs
Volume: 11.7 cu. ft.
Seat: Sliding
MSRP: $2,499

Life’s a journey, and this kayak is bound to bring some fun to it. Journey is an efficient, stable and seaworthy cruising kayak capable of eating up miles and carrying a decent load for those weekend camping trips.

The abundant cockpit and foot room makes it comfortable for larger folk yet the padded thigh braces and adjustable foot pedals, backrest, and seat allow virtually anyone to have a good fit. The Journey comes completely rigged with roomy bulkheaded compartments bow and stern, a retractable skeg, a full complement of deck rigging, perimeter lines, our popular retractable carry handles and our Infinity sliding seat design.

The seat has 3 inches of fore and aft adjustment which allows the paddler to change position relative to the thigh pads for the best fit.

The new backrest/backband combo has a locking knob in the rear for setting the vertical height and an easy to reach cleat adjustment at the hip for the forward and back positioning. The backrest (or optional backband) is spring loaded upright and can fold fully forward for uncluttered easy access to the storage space behind. This system is comfortable for extended paddling trips and very easy to adjust to alter your seating position.

Take a journey of your own in this fun and easy to paddle kayak!

John Lenaerts – Crawfordville, FL
I live on an Island and had considered a composite kayak until I discovered Eddyline…quality construction, good design and constructed of material that, for all practical purposes, is very practical, is virtually indestructible for my day-to-day use (no gel coat repairs) and is very maintenance free (compared to a composite). I have paddled a sit-on-top Scupper Pro for 15 years and was really ready for a light weight performance kayak. I am really looking forward to taking my new Journey around the Island, in the bays and down the coast.

Tony Collins, Northumberland, England

Here in the UK I read Ocean Paddler.
The review of the Fathom prompted me to demo the boat, but I realised it was not the boat for me, however I then tried the Journey and knew immediately that this was the boat I had been looking for.  I hired the demo model for a weeks kayaking in North West Scotland and loved everything about the Journey.  I bought the boat from Kari-Tek, your dealers in Scotland and could not have had better service.  Many thanks

Mike Hoffa Ripon CA – I love the Journey and it is very fast and stable. Looks like a race car! Excellent Quality and workmanship.

John Colson – Crystal River, FL Eddyline 2, Dodge Ram Tough truck 0.
My friends and I were returning from a great morning kayaking on Hall’s River, FL. when we were tail-ended. Our four Eddyline kayaks were on the trailor that was hit by a full sized Dodge Ram truck. The Journey and Equinox being the longest kayaks on the trailor took all the impact. I just knew they were toast from the strength of the impact. When I got out of our vehicle I saw the Journey and the Equinox imbedded into the front grill of the Dodge truck (all the way into the radiator). When we pulled the boats out of the grill, the only damage found was to the Dodge. No even a scratch on either kayak. The sturdy bow of each boat and the flex of the trailor allowed for no damage. I can’t say the same for the Ram Tough Dodge truck.

From Paddling.net

Have been paddling my Eddyline Kayak all summer at Tahoe. With the adjustable skeg, the kayak can accommodate all kinds of wind conditions with ease. The low profile rear deck also helps my kayak to track very well. With its 15.5 length, kayaking 20 miles in a morning is pure bliss! Great adjustable seat, fabulous construction and finish makes it a winner on the water. I can’t go out without multiple fellow kayakers stop me and discuss its beautiful lines and quality. Submitted by: Dan

If you want to purchase only one kayak that could do almost anything well, this is the one. I’ve had a Journey for several years now and have used it for everything from day trip pond paddling to multi-day open water (well, the lower Columbia River when it’s blowing like stink). Its manners are impeccable and inspire confidence. As an example, last summer I went with a couple of guys on a three-day trip on the lower Columbia. It was windy (20knots+ at times) with swells of several feet (oh, during salmon season with powerboats racing to get to the best fishing holes and and freighters going up and downriver too). I started out in another kayak the same size but less stable and became overwhelmed (read-inexperienced) with the conditions. I traded kayaks with a more experienced kayaker who had borrowed my Journey for the trip, and all of a sudden the trip became enjoyable – riding over waves instead of through them, and feeling the stability as we crossed the river through the swells. It was like having an old friend again.

Everything that the previous reviewers said I agree with, so I won’t go into those details. Eddylines are made in the good ol’ USA and are top quality. I haven’t seen anything near the price that compares. In summary: try it, you’ll like it. It’s a kayak that you don’t outgrow. Submitted by: dbinbend

Melissa New Hampshire 

I bought the Journey after a thorough two-year search for a kayak. My top priorities were a comfortable cockpit, light weight, stability, efficiency, and seaworthiness. I demoed a great many kayaks in the 14′-15.5′ range and believe the Journey is truly first in that class. I tested thermoformed kayaks from Swift, Hurricane, and Delta. The Journey easily surpasses those brands in all ways—the strength and stiffness of the material, efficiency of the hull, stability, and sheer beauty of the architecture and the finish. Since buying the Journey I’ve been spending more and more time on the water, and loving kayaking more than ever.

Bob Wolfkill Ocala, FL
I did a lot of research before buying my eddline Joruney. I traded a Hurricane tampico 135 L which was a capable boat, but could not come close to any of the eddyline models. Matt and Susan were great at Aardvark’s. After taking a self rescue class with Matt I relalized the short commings of the tampico. I demo road both the Equinox and the Journey. At first I loved the stability of the Equinox, but after paddling the Journey, I knew it was the boat for me. Keep up the excellent work. I love your boats.

Charles A. Martinez Henderson NV
I am extremely happy with my new Journey. The stability is excellent, I went out yesterday on Lake Mead in 30 mile an hour winds and the boat didn’t feel tippy at all. Tom really hit the mark with the Journey.

Bill McGreevy Roseville Ca
It looks sleek, and is comfortable for hours and hours, and I can pack it to the hilt

Steve Zdawczynski Tampa FL
I purchased this kayak for my best friend (Girl friend) and paddling partner. We did a demo with Eddyline Steve at Sweetwater Kayaks in St. Pete Florida. Sheri has tried various boats and they were just OK. She got in the Journey and was like a little kid with a new toy. She didn’t want to get out of it! The comfort level and stability was just what she was looking for so we ordered one. Looking forward to many hours on the water.

Jim Johnson, Olympia, WA
I’ve spent about 2 years saving my money and investigating all sources I could to compare kayaks and get a working knowledge of what we want to do and which features help with that. We have tried 3 or 4 brands as opportunities availed themselves. Your features, quality fittings and materials, and combination of stability and easy paddling of your latest, the Journey, obviously won the day. I was planning on installing SS u-bolts fore and aft myself in case a tow was ever required, but was pleasantly surprised to find those built in. I hope we could drop by your plant and meet you and see how you turn out such beautiful boats. Thanks so much!

Guy Beaudine, Bend OR
I demoed everything out there and nothing can close to the overall quality and features of the boat! Nice job!

Aardvarks Kayak Co, Crystal River FL
Kayaks have arrived and I’ve now had a chance to paddle it on a 15 mile Withlacoochee River trip in fairly stiff wind. It is remarkably responsive and carves well. The drop skeg is a welcomed addition and it’s easy to tune it in. The new seats are great too. Up and down, forward and back on the backrest is a breeze to adjust. The seat bottom also moves to adjust trim and fit. Thumbs up! Matt Clemons

Jim Welch, Bonifay, FL
When I use this boat it feels like it’s part of me. It go’s and does what I want it to do. This is a great kayak, keep up the good work.

Paddling.com yert

I’m so glad I picked the Journey as my first boat (my wife has a Samba that she loves). We are new to paddling, but I’ve paddled over 40 miles my first month, easy to learn, but plenty of boat to grow in to. Stable, responsive, and impeccable design. Great choice.

Journey Reviewed in Sea Kayaker Magazine (08/2009)
Click here to read the review.
(Adobe Acrobat PDF)

This coated-nylon cockpit cover fits securely to keep your cockpit clean during storage. Purchase the large size for the Journey.
A simple, coated-nylon spray skirt with an adjustable waist tube and suspenders. Purchase the large size for the Journey.
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