Available Colors:
Length: 16'
Beam: 28"
Weight: 63 lbs.
Cockpit Size: 19" x 96"
Capacity: 450 lbs
Volume: 22.5 cu. ft.
Seat: Multi Position
MSRP: $2999

The Shasta is a high quality performance tandem with a whole host of options and accessories.

It sports an easy paddling, efficient hull with moderately hard chines mid ship for additional stability.  Multiple seating options allow the boat to be paddled as a tandem, with a dog or a child, or simply as a solo kayak.

This kayak has front and rear bulkheads and hatches for balanced flotation and storage, and the 8 foot long cockpit makes for super easy access and unrestricted comfort. The Infinity Seat and Backrest add comfort and adjustability for a custom fit. Excellent for family paddling, fishing, picnicking, hauling cargo and just simply having fun!

Includes reversible bow seat.
Options:  Child seat

Shasta User Manual

Eddyline Shasta Maiden Voyage
E4E talks about the Eddyline Shasta

Bob Bellingham – 1600 mile Journey down the Missouri River
After 1,600 miles I feel I should say something about my experience so far in the “Barbara May” (the kayak, not the wife.) I am not sponsored by or linked to Eddyline the manufacturer of the “Shasta” in any way so the following is my unbiased appraisal. I purchased the kayak solely on the recommendation of Andy Bugh who undertook the same journey last year and then continued on down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. Firstly I have to say that I can’t imagine a more suitable boat for me to undertake this voyage. I am not an experienced kayaker and started this journey after only a few hours of paddling practice on the Swan River back home in Perth.   http://www.steadypaddling.com/

Stability – My greatest concern was the kayaks ability to keep me upright knowing that I would be crossing some huge lakes that have a reputation for generating waves like the ocean – and they did. The first lake, Fort Peck 139 miles long, taught me a lesson when I misjudged the weather and got caught in 4-5 foot waves making a 3 mile crossing. At no time did I ever feel that the Shasta was going to tip or roll me over, even as I came in to the beach sideways to the waves. Although that experience was unnerving it gave me confidence on the larger lakes – Sakakawea 170 miles and Oahe 239 miles – to paddle and sail in rough conditions knowing that boat could handle it as long as I could. I have since, on Lake Francis Case, sailed 20 mile with a tailwind in 6 foot swells and enjoyed every minute – click on links below to see short video clips.

Handling – The Shasta is a joy to paddle, it glides easily over flat water and holds a true course with little need of the rudder to steer and it cuts through oncoming waves and troughs holding a steady course. With a following sea it will ride the swell and be be pushed forward  as though surfing. The rudder is quick to respond when maneuvering to avoid obstacles in fast river conditions and when turning to come up-stream into a ramp it is simple with a bit of back-paddling to assist the turn. Under sail the Shasta is great, buying the WindPaddle sail has been the best equipment decision I’ve made and I highly recommend it to anyone undertaking distance kayaking. (I’m not sponsored by or linked to WindPaddle either)

Storage – I’ve probably got too much “stuff” but can’t decide what I don’t need (see picture above). I like every thing to be stored as low as possible and the only things I have on the deck are my spare paddles, a cut down juice bottle with a sponge inside as a bailer, and a bow rope, all drums and dry bags are stored below deck in the roomy 9 ft cockpit. I’m over 6ft tall and still have plenty of leg room when fully loaded. While I don’t rely on the front and back hatches to be waterproof they pretty much are, even with waves coming over the top they haven’t let water in. The covers press on easily and the only moisture I seem to get inside is from condensation which I control by placing 2 pounds of rice in a cotton bag in each hold as a desiccate – a cheap $5 solution that works well. I also purchased a fully fitted spray-skirt to keep me dry in rough conditions and a cockpit cover that keeps the rain and critters/snakes out and keeps my equipment out-of sight when I leave the boat unattended – they clip on over everything in the cockpit.

Maintenance – Not much to do at all really. I flush the steerage peddles with water every day or so to remove any mud/grit/sand and I sponge out both inside and outside each week to keep the boat looking clean. The cockpit is totally uncluttered, no frames or ribs to collect or hide debris and the seat is easily removed and replaced to assist cleaning. The only part that possibly could get damaged is the rudder assembly if the kayak “reversed” onto an obstacle or embankment, but after 1,600 miles I have had no problems at all. The rudder is designed to kick-up if it runs aground or hits something while going forward.

Service (from Eddyline) – From my initial contact enquiring about the Shasta to arranging shipping to receiving the kayak in Bozeman Montana, Eddyline have been more than helpful. An enquiry to clarify the single rudder configuration was answered by phone immediately and a follow up photo attached to email was received within the hour. I’ve had no problems at all with Eddyline, the quality of their product or the service I’ve received from them.

Summary – For a novice kayaker like me the “Shasta” has been a great buy and has lived up to everything I needed it to be – safe, reliable, responsive and fast; I’m sure a seasoned kayaker would make it sing and really get it to perform. It would be an ideal boat for Australian conditions where every one of our major cities is situated on or near a river or an ocean estuary. The double configuration makes it a great day or weekender for two paddlers and it really comes in to it’s own as a fully loaded single expedition kayak; I’d have no hesitation in paddling it in near coastal waters either.

Andy Bugh – 4000 mile Expedition4Education

I just paddled across Ft. Peck Lake, over 130 miles, with waves over three feet and rolling over the Shasta at times. The boat and custom spray skirt functions outstandingly! I was able to keep up with two paddlers traveling with much less gear in a canoe and they are twenty years younger than me. This boat really handles the big water well. I want some bigger waves now! I decided to name my boat the Wave Rider. Thanks Eddyline!!!     http://www.Edpedition4Education.org

Why Eddyline and Why Shasta – update April 2012

Andy Bugh

Expedition 4 Education – 4000 miles for Montana to Gulf of Mexico in a Shasta

Lisa, Tom and all the great people at Eddyline have made me feel like part of the family and been a great encouragement and support for my Expedition.

Any time I needed anything at all, the team at Eddyline has responded quickly and with a sense of care.
I had years of experience with canoes but felt like I needed a kayak for the expedition. When I found the Shasta I knew it would be the boat for the trip. It has the roominess of a canoe with the tracking and swiftness of a kayak. Eddyline really has produced a great and versatile boat with the Shasta.

Eddyline provided two Swift paddles for the expedition and they have performed quite well. There is very minimal wear on the paddles after over three thousand miles through some rough and rugged terrain. I have never even needed the second set of paddles. The Swift paddles are outstanding!

The Shasta offers some great options including being able to convert from a tandem to a solo kayak. This has allowed me space to carry all my gear for the big trip and when I am home I can take my kids or grand kids out for a day on the water. I love having this option.

Another great feature with the Shasta is the large dry storage capacity in the front and rear bulk heads with hatches that stay sealed even in heavy waves and storms. With over four months of continuous use I never had a single leak. I was able to carry up to 25 days of food in the rear bulk head and in the front I carried clothes, first aid kit, and other essentials. It was awesome having so much room for dry storage.

The Shasta is a tough kayak that is able to withstand many bumps and scrapes and if it does need a repair, the hull can be quickly and easily repaired even in the field with a basic Carbonlite or fiberglass repair kit.

One of the greatest features of the Shasta is its ability to ride through and over the waves in rough conditions. On my expedition there were numerous times when I faced waves of three feet or higher and even a few days with four and five foot waves crashing over the kayak but not a single time in over three thousand miles did I feel like the kayak even came close to rolling over.

Eddyline had a custom spray skirt made for my journey and it has performed marvelously. During heavy rains, and waves up to five feet high crashing over the boat, the cockpit remained dry and free of water. I was amazed at how well the spray skirt functioned.

In addition to everything else, the Shasta is a kayak I can count on to get me to the action. The Shasta allowed me to catch more fish and capture more great moments with wildlife as I paddled from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico.

All in all, wether you are looking for a recreational kayak with the versatility for you and possibly others, or you are planning the adventure of a lifetime, Eddyline is the company to depend on and the Shasta is the kayak that will get you there. When you buy a kayak from Eddyline you are not just getting a kayak, you become part of the family.

Russel Bourg, Lafayette, LA
Thanks for building such a wonderful boat. The Shasta is everything I was looking for. (It feels custom made for my family) The Shasta is very stable and really easy to paddle. I hope you are as proud of designing it as I am to own it! There is one problem with the Shastathough=, asn I am not sure you can fix it without my help……I think I would be happier with TWO! 

Submitted by: marlin410 – paddling.net
This new model from Eddyline is a absolute dream come true! Having previously enjoyed two other kayaks of this style and similar dimensions, I desperately sought after a lighter and more refined version of a open cockpit recreational tandem. There are very few kayaks that fall into this category and the Shasta has been the answer to everything I wanted.

It is light, 63lbs including a standard foot controlled rudder! Construction is sleek and durable thermoformed plastic called Carbonlite 2000, which is what all of their boats are made of. Design is superb, shallow vee hull 28″ wide, the rudder is extremely simple and utilizes only one line to raise and lower. Everywhere you look, this kayak design has been thought through thoroughly and executed flawlessly. I used to think that Eddyline owners were a little too generous with their reviews, but now I know that they were simply in love with their kayak!

How does it paddle? Just as nicely as you could imagine, speedy,tracks very well, glides effortlessly, more than enough stability. I have paddled her three times and tried both bow and stern positions. Soon I will be going to try it solo, which can be done by moving the rear seat forward and attaching extensions on the rudder cables.

I really cannot say enough to describe every detail… If you are in the market for a versatile tandem do yourself a favor and seek out this model. I have had the pleasure of speaking to one of the owners and one of the sales reps several times and they are the kind of people who make a company great to deal with.
Rating: 10 of 10

Russell Farrow, Sweetwater Kayaks
“By far, the best rec tandem I have ever paddled!”

This coated-nylon cockpit cover fits snugly to keep your cockpit clean during storage.
Keep splash and spray out of your boat without being confined in a spray skirt! The Shasta Spray Deck covers the legs of each paddler while keeping the sitting area open.
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