logo-eddyline-paddlesEddyline Paddles (formerly Swift) has been developing and refining paddles for over 45 years to create a distinctive blend of power, lightness, and strength. These paddles possess a radiant translucence in sunlight that is highly visible and exceptionally beautiful.

Eddyline paddles, available in four distinct blade designs, are powerful but forgiving with quick acceleration, a flutter free stroke, and smooth follow through. The composite blades come in jewel-tone translucent colors, stunning graphic inlays, and carbon fiber.

All Eddyline paddles feature carbon shafts for added strength and stiffness. They are available in one piece, two piece or four piece, and the grip range has a slight oval shape for comfort and indexing. We use straight shafts only, which provide maximum versatility for all paddling conditions and styles.

Eddyline paddles are some of the lightest paddles on the market weighing in at 24 – 33 oz. depending on length and blade size. Blade weight is a mere 6.5 – 8oz. (depending on size) for an incredibly low swing weight!