Construction and Design

Eddyline paddles represent the ultimate in simplicity, light weight and durability achieved through a combination of technologies developed over 47 years.

A product of many years of continuous refinement, Eddyline Paddle blades are constructed from multiple layers of aircraft grade fiberglass and other specialized fibers. The complex laminate is vacuum bagged using high strength resins and heat to produce a blade that is stiff, strong and yet very lightweight.

All Eddyline paddles have carbon shafts for strength, light weight, and just the right amount of flex. We use straight shafts only, which provide maximum versatility for all paddling conditions and styles.

A good paddle fit makes all the difference in your performance, comfort and even your physical fitness.

Eddyline has created four distinct blade designs to match your paddling style and preferences – from novice to expert, recreation, touring, performance or fishing.

All Eddyline paddles have low swing weight – the amount of effort it takes to move the paddle- and excellent balance so you can use a lighter grip on the shaft, reducing fatigue.

More Power – Smooth, Flutter Free Stroke – Well Balanced
The Eddyline blade features a cambered design which gradually transitions to a dihedral with deeper insertion into the water. This configuration provides more power throughout your stroke without the edge instability that occurs with a fully cambered blade. The camber provides the bite, while the dihedral smooths the sweeps and sculling moves.

The longitudinal curvature of the blade (spoon) actually increases towards the tip of the blade providing more power at the entry into the water and a smooth, flutter free stroke.

The asymmetrical design produces a balanced blade by creating equal surface areas on each half of the blade as it enters the water. The right amount of asymmetry will reduce fatigue by eliminating torque, or twisting of the paddle when the blade enters the water. Typically the lower part of the blade hits the water first and will torque or twist if there is not asymmetry. Eddyline blades have just the right amount of asymmetry for a smooth entry into the water allowing you to use a light grip to reduce fatiguing your hands and arms.

Blade Options
Translucent fiberglass blades are available in four translucent jewel tones: Amber Yellow, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, and Lime Green; all with holographic stripes that sparkle in the sunlight. These unique colors are radiant in sunlight and have brilliant visibility on the water.

For those seeking something extra special, you can customize your paddle with our graphic-inlaid blades. Like our standard blades, the graphic inlays are translucent and are quite striking when the sun shines through them. There are a variety of graphics to choose from and each one is a limited edition.

Carbon blades are our lightest option and an excellent choice for the paddler desiring the best performance and efficiency.

Push Button Ferrule
The simple, intuitive Push Button Ferrule allows for no feather, or left and right feather at 45 degrees. (Custom settings available) With fewer moving parts, a non-swelling composite shaft, and higher breaking strength than other offerings, this is the lightest, strongest and most reliable ferrule option available.

Paddle Weight

Eddyline is proud to make some of the lightest paddles available.

Touring Paddle Weights (ounces)

Model210 cm220 cm230 cm240 cm
MID SWIFT25.225.826.427.0
SEA SWIFT26.026.627.227.8
WIND SWIFT24.024.625.225.8
PRO SWIFT25.826.427.027.6

Angler Paddle Weights (ounces)

Model230 cm240 cm250 cm260 cm
MID FISH28.829.430.030.6
BIG FISH30.431.031.632.2
PRO FISH30.230.831.432.0
* Weights are based on standard translucent blade
* Weights are an average and may vary slightly
* Graphic Inlay paddle – add 2 oz.
* Carbon paddles – subtract 2 oz.

Stock Lengths  (in 5 cm increments)

Touring Paddles: 210 – 240 cm   Angler Paddles: 230 – 260 cm

Custom lengths can be built to order.