Mid Swift

The Mid Swift is our most popular blade size and an excellent choice for most touring kayakers. The Mid Swift delivers plenty of pull and control in rough water conditions, yet it is quite well behaved when the wind blasts against it. We find this to be the ideal paddle for extended paddling in varied and changeable conditions and the only paddle many kayakers will ever need.

Blade Dimensions: 18″ x 6.5″
Surface Area: 100 sq. in.

Sea Swift

The Sea Swift is a full sized aggressive blade design that retains the versatility of conventional blades for bracing, sculling and rolling while offering sufficient power to be useful in the racing world. It is ideal as a big water paddle in surf and rough conditions for the more athletic paddler. It is also a favorite with recreational open water racers who want the broader range of performance not provided by Wing style paddles.

Blade Dimensions: 18″ x 7.25″
Surface Area: 110 sq. in.

Wind Swift

Have you noticed that many Aleut paddles are long and narrow? This is not due to material limitations, but because Eskimos often paddled in high wind conditions. The Wind Swift combines Aleut features with some more modern European concepts to create a paddle that is excellent in high winds and still delivers a healthy amount of paddle power for all but the most demanding conditions. Another major advantage to this style of paddle is kindness to joints and muscles. If you do not paddle frequently or already have joint and muscle issues, you will love how you feel after a day of paddling with the Wind Swift.

Blade Dimensions: 18″ x 5″
Surface Area: 75 sq. in.

Pro Swift

The Pro Swift is specifically customized to suit the paddler who prefers a high-angle performance paddle. It retains all the power and thrust and smooth follow through of the Sea Swift only with a high angle of attack. It combines the most important elements of a high angle paddle – control, power, and efficiency. Typically these paddles are preferred to be 5-10 cm shorter in length than a low angle blade.

Blade Dimensions: 17″ x 7.25″
Surface Area: 110 sq. in.

"Eddyline did an excellent job combining the most important elements of a high angle paddle – control, power, and efficiency. I feel like they are setting the bar high for other paddle companies to shoot for." - Dan Arbuckle, Headwaters Kayaks
All Models 2 Piece
Jewel Tone Translucent $249.00
Graphic Inlay $269.00
All Carbon $299.00