Bulkheads, Decklines, and Carry Handles for Safety and Convenience

July 29, 2020

At Eddyline Kayaks, we strive to build each lightweight kayak with features to make your ride comfortable and convenient. More importantly, we are committed to integrating features that ensure paddler safety. As such, each lightweight kayak produced by Eddyline Kayaks has a range of safety and convenience features, including bulkheads and hatches, decklines, and retractable carry handles. Find out how these features help to keep you safe on the water and make your paddling adventures more enjoyable.


Bulkheads & Hatches

Bulkheads are an essential feature for any lightweight kayak. These two compartments, located fore and aft on each of our kayaks, are sealed to offer dry areas where you can stow essential items. More than that, bulkheads are an important safety feature that provide buoyancy and prevent your entire kayak from flooding in the event of a capsize. Our bulkheads are also vented to prevent pressure buildup from changing temperatures.

The bulkheads on an Eddyline lightweight kayak are covered by stiff, waterproof hatches with tabs for easy, convenient access.



Much like bulkheads, decklines offer both convenience and safety. Exact deckline configurations vary on each model of lightweight kayak made by Eddyline Kayaks but there are a few deckline features that are common on most models. For example, you’ll find perimeter lines on most models, making it easy for you, or someone else, to hang onto and stabilize your kayak for re-entry in the event of a capsize. Re-entry shock cord is standard on the rear deck of all single kayaks as well as on the foredeck and middledeck of our tandem model, the Whisper CL. This cord is used along with your paddle and paddle float as an outrigger to stabilize the kayak as you re-enter.

There are also 2 point lines on the stern deck that will hold a spare breakdown paddle, which every paddler should have in case a paddle breaks or is lost. Bow deck lines can hold a chart or hand pump. Finally, some models have a compass recess to allow for easy reading and the use of a marine compass while still allowing for a chart on the foredeck.

Retractable Carry Handles

To make transporting your Eddyline lightweight kayak easy, we’ve integrated retractable carry handles that tuck securely in place when not in use. While this feature may seem like a nice to have, paddlers will be surprised at how much simpler transportation is thanks to this style of carry handle.