Eddyline Kayaks Growth and Expansion

November 12, 2021

Starting last summer, we at Eddyline began exploring how we would again expand our production capacity while maintaining our high standards for quality.

Hi, I’m Scott Holley and I’m the President and one of the co-owners of Eddyline Kayaks.  As you are probably aware, this is Eddyline’s 50th anniversary year, and we’ve never been busier.  In early 2020, just before the pandemic, we finished the purchase and renovation of our new headquarters and expanded production facility in Burlington, Washington.  We had no sooner moved in when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the US, changing all our lives forever. 

People everywhere discovered and re-discovered the joy of outdoor recreation and kayaking in particular.  While we were thrilled to watch new entrants come into our sport, we quickly realized that even with our new expanded facility we couldn’t service the demand.  I’m incredibly proud of how our team has responded to the ongoing supply chain challenges to consistently meet our delivery goals. 

Starting last summer, we at Eddyline began exploring how we would again expand our production capacity while maintaining our high standards for quality.  After an exhaustive search, we decided to open a second complementary production facility for our recreational kayak line in Queretaro – a world-class consumer goods manufacturing city in Central Mexico.  We are in the same industrial park where Bombardier makes Sea Doo jet skis and Samsung builds washers and dryers.  The level of industrial engineering and production talent here is incredible!  To ensure that we maintain our quality, I moved down here with my family to oversee the expansion. 

At Eddyline, we highly value the trust of our dealers and our paddling community.  We also highly value transparency.  With both of those values in mind, I’d like to make a few things very clear:

  • Eddyline remains committed to developing and manufacturing kayaks in the US. We are not offshoring jobs – we are running at full tilt in our US production facility.  We are not outsourcing production – Eddyline team members will continue to build world class Eddyline kayaks, now in two locations.  Our design, sales, service, and finance functions will remain in our Burlington headquarters.
  • Eddyline is committed to quality, now more than ever. We chose Queretaro because of the talent, experience, and supplier base that this area has.  We believe that our presence here will be a big positive for our ability to maintain and grow quality.
  • Eddyline is committed to innovation. By locating near critical suppliers in Queretaro, we are already seeing the benefits in terms of our ability to quickly innovate.  Eddyline makes lightweight, high performing craft in an environmentally responsible way.  Look out for new announcements on this front 
If you would like to learn more, reach out to me directly, scott@eddyline.com or via our support@eddyline.com team