February 03, 2020

(Burlington, WA)  Eddyline Kayaks, a leading manufacturer of performance and recreational kayaks, has relocated to a new facility in Burlington, Washington.  Eddyline acquired the facility in August 2019 through its affiliated entity Outdoor Skagit, LLC, and engaged in a substantial renovation prior to taking occupancy.

New facility doubles capacity to facilitate continued growth

“While kayaking as a recreational pursuit is growing in popularity, the landscape for kayak manufacturing has been challenging over the last couple of years.  Eddyline has been a bright spot in the industry.” said Tom Remsing, co-owner and head of sales and marketing: “We’ve grown by continuing to invest and support our strengths: customer-focused innovation, quality production, and stellar service.”

Eddyline’s new facility is located at 1970 Walton Drive in the Burlington Hill Business Park off Interstate 5 on the north side of Burlington, Washington.  For the previous 25 years Eddyline has operated out of the Port of Skagit.  Eddyline began an exhaustive search for its current facility shortly after acquiring the company in a management buyout of the founders, Tom and Lisa Derrer, in 2017.  “Eddyline is deeply grateful for the community partners who ultimately made this transition feasible,” said comp

any president and co-owner Scott Holley.  “Heritage Bank has been a supportive partner across all phases of our growth.  EDASC, the Economic Development Alliance of Skagit County, provided strategic support in identifying and evaluating various expansion avenues.  The Port of Skagit provided the company a home for 25 years and was instrumental in allowing us to grow and expand our workforce in Skagit County, Washington.  The leadership and staff at the city of Burlington was proactive and responsive during the permitting and approval process.”

“Our employees are excited about the many opportunities for new manufacturing capabilities at the new facility. Their input in the facility layout and process improvements ensures Eddyline’s quality stays high as volume increases.”, said co-owner Janet Sutton.  Todd Keane, a co-owner with 25 years at Eddyline, agreed: “This move is a culmination of the individual efforts of our talented and committed team members who strive day in and day out to make quality products that they are proud of”.

Financing for the project was provided by Heritage Bank, Northwest Business Development Associates, management, and private family office investors.  TRICO served as the general contractor, and Jim Koetje of Windermere Commercial as buyer’s real estate agent.  Chmelik Sitkin & Davis P.S. served as legal counsel to Eddyline and its affiliates, and VSH PLLC served as Eddyline’s tax and accounting advisor.

About Eddyline Kayaks:  Founded in 1971, Eddyline Kayaks is a manufacturer of premier kayaks and accessories.  In 1996, Eddyline changed the industry when they first introduced thermoformed kayaks to the paddlesport market.  Eddyline has always been a closely held company, focused on quality rather than quantity.  Our designs are a direct reflection of commitment to our customers’ paddling experience.  At Eddyline we strive to build the highest quality kayaks and paddles with meticulous attention to detail, support our customers with “best-in-class” service for their adventures, and to innovate to improve the comfort, performance, and reliability of our kayaks and paddles.



Scott Holley

(360) 757-2300 / scott@eddyline.com