March 20, 2020

Company stands ready to produce critically needed plastic components

(Burlington, WA) For nearly 50 years, Eddyline Kayaks has been a leading US manufacturer of kayaks and accessories.  Eddyline pioneered several manufacturing techniques for the paddlesport industry. From time to time, Eddyline has also used the company’s equipment and know-how to produce other plastic parts and small assemblies.  The company has experience making sanitation equipment for global non-profits, cabinetry for the electronic and life science industries, and a variety of parts for other industrial applications.

On March 18, 2020, President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to mobilize the US industrial base to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a US manufacturer, Eddyline stands ready to help. Eddyline welcomes inquiries from governments, non-profits, and other manufacturers in this critical time.  The company’s capabilities include:

  • Ability to quickly produce composite tools for heavy gauge thermoforming applications
  • Heavy gauge thermoforming of extruded plastics
  • A 20’ by 5’ thermoforming oven for large parts or for multiple parts per cycle
  • 5-axis CNC routing table for automated part cutting and trimming
  • Experienced and capable personnel for hand-cutting, trimming and assembly

Learn more about our capabilities,call or email us.

The team at Eddyline wishes everyone safety, health and peace in this difficult time.

About Eddyline Kayaks:  Founded in 1971, Eddyline Kayaks is a manufacturer of premier kayaks and accessories.  In 1996, Eddyline changed the industry when they first introduced thermoformed kayaks to the paddlesport market.  Eddyline has always been a closely held company, focused on quality rather than quantity. Our designs are a direct reflection of commitment to our customers’ paddling experience.  At Eddyline we strive to build the highest quality kayaks and paddles with meticulous attention to detail, support our customers with “best-in-class” service for their adventures, and to innovate to improve the comfort, performance, and reliability of our kayaks and paddles.


Scott Holley
(360) 757-2300 / scott@eddyline.com