From the Horse's Mouth: Top Reviews from Eddyline Customers

April 17, 2024

From the Horse's Mouth: Top Reviews from Eddyline Customers 

By: KM Collins

Did you know every kayak Eddyline manufactures has pages and pages of reviews listed at the bottom of each product web page? Just scroll down 1.5 page lengths. Phrases likeflawless product, just what I needed, love this boat and I should have bought this sooner, abound - and it's all true! And I know these assertions are true because I just got my first Eddyline! In honor of receiving my very first Eddyline a couple of weeks ago (the universally popular Sitka ST), here is a review round-up covering Eddyline's most popular quiver must-haves; the Sitka, the Skylark, and the Caribbean. AND, I kick off the review round up with my personal review of my first Eddyline.

*Images courtesy of Krystal's maiden voyage with her new Sitka ST on McKay Reservoir in North East Oregon, near the base of the Blue Mountains. 


The Sitka 

New kid on the block

Unwrapping my 14' Sitka ST on the banks of McKay National Wildlife Refuge in North East Oregon, I was beside myself to take 'er for a spin. Under the bubble wrap and cardboard I found a bright blue thermo-molded sleek boat. If I thought taking it off and on my car was a breeze, paddling it for a few miles across the reservoir was a dream. At 45 lbs it's heavy enough to give me a work out when I lift it and transport it to and from the car, but way more manageable than I imagined.  Plus it's weight also allows for a sturdy and precise ride across the water. 

Another feature of the Stika ST is the narrow cockpit. The cockpit of the boat is on the tighter end of the spectrum comparatively to other kayaks. I prefer this because it allows the boat to travel across the water with more ease and precision than any kayak I have ever been in. It also demands that you watch the accuracy of your strokes - as your stoke gets sloppy and wide, the boat won't maneuver in as straight of a line. The Sitka ST's responsiveness in tandem with stroke accuracy is unrivaled. The boat is passively making me a better paddler with every stroke. 

After recently relocating to a new park of Oregon the timing of getting a new kayak couldn't be better. Perhaps my favorite thing about my new kayak is how it allows me to take in the new landscape that surrounds me. Seeing the scenery form the water is my favorite way to tour the landscape. And the terrain in the far East of Oregon 's Blue Mountains is outstandingly beautiful. I get giddy at night before bed thinking of all the other lakes and rivers in Easter Oregon I plan to take my Eddyline on.

Eternally grateful to be able to fly across the water in my Eddyline.
- Krystal 


A Glove Fit 

The Sitka ST, is my first kayak and perhaps my last...only because it fits like a glove. The ride is so smooth and the retractable skeg an unbelievable assert when paddling into wind and current. I have yet to take the self rescue class, but for a first timer and usually timid, cautious person, I am ready to venture on to bigger lakes. I can't tell you how secure I feel in this kayak.

  - Joanie

Best $$$ Ever Spent

All I can say is WOW! Best $$$ ever spent. This thing is like a race car just waiting to take off. It gets up to speed within a few strokes of paddling, and tracks straight as an arrow. Easy to pick up and position on a roof-mounted kayak rack. Tons of room for gear in the bulkheads. If you're on the fence on whether or not to buy it… just do it, you will not be disappointed.

  - Steve


The Skylark 

My “retirement gift” to myself

I always wanted a kayak and to live in an area where I can use it often. I accomplished both last year. My Skylark is the best thing that’s happened to me in decades! Everyone I let try it doesn’t want to give it back! Kayak racks are going on the car this week and looking forward to another great paddling season.

  - Mike 

Efficient to paddle

I love this kayak. It is very efficient to paddle, and light weight on land for loading and unloading. I primarily kayak on lakes. I can cover distance fairly quickly and then enjoy sneaking into the nooks and crannies of the shore to see what birds and other creatures I can spy. It is comfortable for sitting for an all day trip, though I am not young by any measure and do enjoy getting out every hour or two to stretch my legs. It is stable and tracks well. It simply feels good! I am very happy with this purchase!

  - Eleanor

Customer for life

Excellent kayak. Beautiful design, light weight, easy to paddle. I'm a customer for life

  - Adam


My First and Best Kayak Ever!

I have had a Caribbean 12 by EddyLine for 3 years. I have taken it to Arizona, Georgia & Florida.... rivers, lakes, canyons & the sea and can not be happier with it. Light weight, very good quality material, enough room to pack for multi-day trips and easy to handle. I thought that I was going to use it just once in a while but living in Florida gives us lots of opportunities to use it all year round. It has over 100 trips and it still looks like new!! 

  - Veronica