Hunting for an Eddyline Kayak?

March 25, 2021


A message from Eddyline

The demand for kayaks and many other outdoors pursuit equipment has been unbelievable over the last year. That demand has lead to Eddyline Kayaks building more of our lightweight kayaks than ever before in our history.

Our President and Co-Owner, Scott has a message for you from everyone
at Eddyline Kayaks. 

We know, through the endless emails, social media messages and telephone calls to our office, that many of you are still trying to hunt down an Eddyline kayak. We know it is difficult and frustrating. As we supply our dealer network directly, we urge you to stay close to your local dealers as many are taking pre-orders and also maintaining wait lists for future deliveries. 

If you do have questions about inventory we will refer you back to our dealer network. 

Many thanks for the understanding. 


Transcript of the video:

Hey everybody, my name is Scott and I'm the President and Co-Owner of Eddyline Kayaks. This year we're celebrating our 50th anniversary as a company and to all of our current paddlers out there and especially to all of you who are patiently awaiting your very first Eddyline purchase we want to say thank you.

Today we're building more high quality Eddylines than ever before in our history. Still the huge growth and demand that we've seen over the past year has been a challenge for our small company. As a result, you may find it difficult to locate a dealer in your area with available Eddyline kayaks for purchase.
If this applies to you, we appreciate your patience and we encourage you to regularly check in with your dealers near you. Many dealers are taking pre-orders or maintaining wait lists for future deliveries.

We're always happy to connect with you directly by phone or by email but any questions that you'll have about potential inventory at our dealers are going to be referred back to them.

On behalf of everyone here at Eddyline we thank you again for your patience and for your trust in our product and we hope to see you out on the water soon. Thanks.