names Eddyline Kayaks ‘Best Touring Brand’

April 19, 2021

Eddyline Kayaks top the list of Best Touring Kayaks brands.

We are honored that have selected Eddyline Kayaks as the Best Touring Brand. Best Touring Kayak - Eddyline

Up against stiff opposition had great difficulty narrowing their choices down.

At Eddyline Kayaks we pride ourselves on our involvement with the paddling community. This pride is invested back into every single kayak that leaves our building.
In the end, rated our Fathom Kayak in top spot, followed closely at number three by our Equinox Kayak.
Earning these positions is in part thanks to the fantastic reviews that you, our paddling community, submit on Thank you.

About the Fathom Touring Kayak by Eddyline Kayaks.

The Fathom Kayak is our flagship touring kayak that really suits playing in adverse conditions or on those long-distance adventures. The highly efficient hull is effortless to accelerate. Plenty of storage within the two hatches plus access to a third additional ‘day hatch’ just behind the cockpit.

An abundance of deck bungees to strap on the additional camping gear, a sliding seat, adjustable foot braces and not forgetting the retractable skeg -  make this kayak comfortable in all conditions. The Fathom weighs in at 50lbs (22.5kg) making it lightweight and maneuverable. View more here >>.

Eddyline Fathom Best rated Touring Kayak by

About the Equinox lightweight Touring Kayak

Our Equinox kayak meld the comfort of recreational kayaks with that of the performance of a true sea kayak. Achieving an average of 5 STARS from our customer reviews indicates that the Equinox Kayak is fit for a wide range of paddlers. Like the Fathom Kayak, the Equinox features our sliding seat, adjustable foot branches and retractable carry handles.

The two storage hatches provide ample storage and hitting the scale at just 45lbs (20kg) means that transportation is simple.

Equinox Kayak images

Find out more about our Equinox Kayak >>


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