Taking a Tour of the Eddyline Factory

February 16, 2021

A live, walking, factory tour of Eddyline Kayaks. Originally broadcast live on Facebook. 
Have you always wondered how and where the lightweight, thermoformed Eddyline Kayaks are made?
Well here is you answer.

Recently we were lucky enough to have a Eddyline Kayak expert and Rep, Ethan Ebersold visit our factory and do a live tour whilst on Facebook.

Ethan walks around the, sometimes noisy, factory floor to show you the craftmanship that goes into creating our Kayaks and the care that each member of the Eddyline team inputs (including the dog).
He was doing this live on Facebook at the time (make sure you subscribe to our page), taking questions.  

We are sure Ethan will be creating more videos and content for you to watch. So if you ever need any questions about of thermoformed kayaks, whether recreational, touring or sit on top / fishing kayaks then make sure you go to our contact page and let us know.

The content of Ethan’s video are as follows:

0:00 - Intro from Ethan
0:57 - 'The' Purple Sitka LT 50 Anniversary Edition
1:40 - Inventory ready to ship
2:00 - Packaging
3:00 - Walking Tour
10:38 - Finishing Station
11:09 - Factory pets
11:22 - Installations
14:15 - Kayak formation
16:00 - Demo days