The NEW Caribbean 14FS

September 15, 2021

The first look at our new frame seat Sit-on-Top Kayak

At the recent Big Gear Show 2021 we were happy to unveil our new Caribbean 14FS, adding to our range of lightweight sit-on-top kayaks. This was the first public outing for the kayak and it received a great deal of attention.

This lightweight sit-on-top features our redesigned frame seat (FS) that provides improved support and comfort. But the design enhancements didn’t stop there.

The angled deck behind the seat has been re-engineered to maximize storage capacity to better accommodate internal gear storage.

The kayak has lots of access to the interior hull, so storage is not a problem. For camping or slightly longer paddles you can now store more gear and then unclip the frame seat to use at your base camp.

We loved the feedback, on other kayaks in our range, that the side handles double up as a paddle park, so we listened and have introduced them on to the Caribbean 14FS.

To best demonstrate these features, watch this great video from Headwater Kayaks as they walk around the Caribbean 14FS and talk about the features.

The Caribbean 14FS remains highly stable and lightweight with an efficient hull design that provides exceptional tracking.

We will be bringing more details shortly so make sure you follow us closely on Instagram and/or Facebook

Caribbean 14FS Rear Hatch