Medium Cockpit Cover W/Travel Straps


The Heavy-Duty Cockpit Cover is made with a tear-resistant, cargo-cover material that features superior UV and weather protection. The travel strap makes this cover suitable for use during vehicle transport as it secures the cover by wrapping around the hull. An adjustable shock cord secures the cover to the cockpit rim while the front grab loop makes it easy to remove and the front clip attaches it to any deck line. Eddyline strongly recommends using a cockpit cover when storing your kayak outside.

Current Model Sizing: Medium
Size fits these current Eddyline models: Fathom, Sitka ST, and Rio.
Retired Eddyline Model Sizing: Medium 
Size fits Merlin LT, Merlin XT (1996-2001), Fathom LV, Night Hawk 16, Falcon S18, Samba, and Raven.


Falcon S18 Fathom Merlin Merlin LT
Night Hawk 16 Raven Rio Samba Sitka ST

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