Available Colors:
Length: 10'
Beam: 26"
Weight: 32 lbs
Cockpit Size: 35" x 18.5"
Capacity: 250 lbs
Volume: 9.4 cu. ft.
Seat: Fixed
MSRP: $995

The Sky 10 kayak came into existence due to the popularity of our well liked Skylark and the ever increasing demand for smaller, lighter boats.

This kayak carries most of the paddling qualities and features of its 12 foot sister but sports a good 8 lbs less weight, making car-topping and general handling that much easier. The Sky 10 has more than adequate hull speed and efficiency for keeping up with groups on casual cruises and plenty of capacity for the average paddler.

A roomy cockpit, (the same size as the Skylark) comfortable Infinity seat and backrest, hatches and bulkheads bow and stern for safety, excellent stability and a host of features combine to make this kayak a fun choice for recreational paddling along shorelines, lakes and easy rivers. Small enough to load on your big boat – toss in your camera, lunch and fishing rod and paddle to your favorite spot with ease.

“The sky 10 is an excellent combination of lightness, stability, good tracking and responsiveness _ not sure how you managed it !! Thanks.”  Peter Lewington – UK

BW at paddling.net
It’s a great little kayak. This is the first personal kayak I’ve owned. Have been in several rentals & friends kayaks. Couldn’t be happier with this one.

Super stable so far, have only been on flat water with slight wind chop.

  • Tracks nice & straight (no rudder) and moves smoothly.
  • Easy to get in/ out of.
  • Love the watertight hatches in front/ back.
  • Seat is comfortable and foot pegs are easily adjustable.
  • Best part, for me, is the weight – only 35 lbs! This means I can load the kayak on top of the car and carry it by myself. Highly recommended!

Matt Clemons, Aardvarks Florida Kayak Co., Crystal River, FL
Got my first Sky 10 and it sold before I ever got to paddle it. My new one came in yesterday and I paddled it today with a demo. Sold two more. This boat is going to be a hit. Folks who want a small kayak but still want quality and performance are going to love the Sky 10.

Liam P – Oregon
At first I didn’t want a kayak because I thought they wobbled too much. My dad and sister have Eddylines and my dad had me try a Sky 10. I LOVED IT! He wanted me to get a faster one but the Sky 10 seems like it was made just for me and how I like to kayak. Thank you for making the best kayaks in the world!

Peter Lewington – UK
The sky 10 is an excellent combination of lightness, stability, good tracking and responsiveness _ not sure how you managed it !! Thanks.

Here is a response posted on Paddling.net to the question “Has anyone paddled one yet?”  One of the ladies I paddle with got one and really likes it. It is a neat little boat, well designed and constructed in Eddyline’s fashion. It seems to keep up well with longer boats, plenty of stability, and the cockpit plenty roomy without being excessively like a lot of rec boats. She was looking for something light and short enough to be easy to load herself, but wanted better performance than typical rec boats for longer estuary paddles. I’m surprised that she can keep such a short boat going straight and at a reasonable speed to keep up with a mixed group, but it seems to do it. She really likes how easy it is for her to handle loading and unloading, and how it keeps up with longer boats without working her so hard (old boat was a Pamlico 100 or a Prodigy 10, something like that).

I would add that although primarily designed and used for flatwater, easy going paddles, where it does well among its peers, it may be capable of a little more. She tried it on a short paddle in ChesBay this weekend, with a borrowed spray skirt, where for a couple of miles swells up to about 1-1.5ft and wind providing a little chop on top were the pattern, and the little boat did pretty well in experienced hands! I sensed that a spray skirt will be a forthcoming addition very soon. That’s not to say it isn’t going to work you pretty hard in that environment for a longer paddle, nor that it would be suitable for much more than that, but I was pretty impressed with it.

This coated-nylon cockpit cover fits securely to keep your cockpit clean during storage. Purchase the large size for the Sky 10.
A simple, coated-nylon spray skirt with an adjustable waist tube and suspenders. Purchase the large size for the Sky 10.
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