Available Colors:
Length: 18'
Beam: 28"
Weight: 73 lbs.
Cockpit Size: 35" x 18.5"
Capacity: 600 lbs.
Volume: 22 cu. ft.
Seat: Fixed
MSRP: $2,999

The Whisper slices through the water effortlessly and its light weight makes coastal cruising a delight.

It is equipped with a foot-controlled rudder in the rear and adjustable foot pegs in the front, bow and stern hatches and bulkheads and deck lines for your convenience and safety. The Infinity Seat and Backrest add comfort and adjustability for a custom fit. Conversation is easy in the Whisper because the cockpits are more centrally located giving the bow paddler a drier ride as well. While some paddle coordination is necessary in a kayak like this, it is easier than dancing and just as much fun.

We have had our Eddyline Whisper for a little over a year and we love it. I think the best thing about it is how well it tracks in the water. The rudder is fabulous. We have even taken it on some creeks with mild rapids and it has performed well. I love this boat! Rating: 10 of 10

George Francis
The Whisper is a tandem kayak that has two hatches and two easy access cockpits. The boat is very light for its length of 18′ at 73 lbs., which makes it very easy to load. The stability is very good. The rudder is responsive and best of all the price is very competitive. I looked at other plastic tandem boats that either weighed almost 100 lbs. or cost several thousand dollars in composite. The Whisper combines the best of both worlds being light weight and reasonably priced. If you are looking to demo a tandem kayak you must try the Eddyline Whisper. Rating: 10 of 10”

Eric, Paddling.net
We had been recreational canoers for a long time before we tried a kayak excursion while vacationing in the Florida keys. After that and a similar experience at Bar Harbor, we were hooked on kayaking. We bought a Whisper CL for our anniversary late last summer and couldn’t be happier with it. We’ve used it primarily on 1-2 hour outings on the large Lake Monroe in Indiana, but also in the backwaters in Orange Beach, Alabama, and it’s the boat we used in the Keys. We find the boat to be quite comfortable, and the rudder — essential on a boat of this length — works well. My wife found that her back was getting sore after a while paddling, but when I suggested she slouch a bit, it helped. The relative closeness of the cockpits does make it advantageous to paddle synchronously, but that’s not a problem for us. Because we’ve done only short excursions, we haven’t even used the hatches yet, but they seem spacious and the covers very secure. We like the relative light weight — two middle-aged people can lift it pretty easily onto the cartop carrier. Its length (19’6″) means it JUST fits in our garage. We’re quite happy with our Whisper CL and would buy the same boat again. Rating: 9 of 10”

Steve Kocsis, Juneau, AK
My wife and I have had a whisper CL for 8 years in Juneau AK. We have used it extensively for day and overnight trips in Southeast Alaska. It is a great kayak. Always dependable, stable and a great tracker in the tides and fetch conditions of the inside passage. The lightweight helps too.

This coated-nylon cockpit cover fits securely to keep your cockpit clean during storage. Purchase the large size for the Whisper.
A simple, coated-nylon spray skirt with an adjustable waist tube and suspenders. Purchase the large size for the Whisper.
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