Kayak features Infinity Seat System Infinity Seat System - sliding SOT Frame Seat SOT Cloth Seat Backrest Hip Pads Thigh Braces knee Pads Recreational Foot Braces performance Foot Braces Recessed Deck Fittings Bungees Retractable Carry Handles Webbed Carry Handles Accessory Rails Static Safety Lines Retractable Skeg Rudder Gear Track Tankwell Storage 1x 6" Tankwell Access Hatch 1x 6" Round Day Hatch 1 x 8" Round Hatch 1 x 10" Round Hatch 2 x 8" Round Hatch 2 x 10" Round Hatch 1 x 17" Wide Oval Hatch 1 x 17" Narrow Oval Hatch 1x 6" Quarter Turn Hatch 1x Caribbean Hatch
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