The Original Lasso Kayak Lock


Lasso Security Cable have remained the highest quality and most effective theft deterrent since being introduced in 1993. There have been a few changes and upgrades since then, maintaining lasso as the industry standard for kayak locks.

  • Galvanized steel aircraft cable is vinyl coated
    to 3/8'' thick.
  • Lasso security Cables have an easy to use, integrated combination lock that allows you choose any four digit code works best for you. The lock is covered in a high impact protective plastic that keeps your vehicle and kayak from being scratched.  With Lasso protecting your kayak, would-be thieves are likely to go looking for an easier target.
  • The Original Lasso kayak lock is small enough to carry and store in your kayak.
  • Easily set the combination to any 4-digit number you choose.
  • Original Lasso is designed to secure your entire kayak, not just a grab loop or other attachment and is a striking visual deterrent.
For installation instructions, follow this link: Instructions-Lasso.pdf (


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