Best Ideas for Aftermarket Kayak Flair: Eye of the Tiger edition

November 17, 2022

Q&A with Eddyline superfan Travis Becker to learn more about some aftermarket modifications that he did to personalize his kayaks.
Best Ideas for Aftermarket Kayak Flair: Eye of the Tiger edition

We tracked down West Coast Floridian and Eddyline Kayaks superfan Travis Becker for a Q&A about some aftermarket modifications that he did to his kayaks.

Travis on the water in his Sitka LT

Q: Tell us about how you created the tiger stripes/animal print on your  Equinox and  Sitka LT. What was the process? 
A: I’ve always liked the idea of customizing your “vehicle” to fit your personality. I like having something unique that shows off creativity. I was very skeptical and nervous to put stripes on my pristine Eddyline. I’m honestly not a very crafty person but wanted to customize my Eddyline without ruining the beautiful color. I purchased a roll of high-quality 3M glossy black vinyl, similar to what custom vehicles are “wrapped” with. The process of making and applying the vinyl was very time consuming. Each “stripe” is hand cut with an exacto knife. After getting countless stripes cut in various sizes and designs, I applied them onto the kayak individually. I had no design, template, or layout pre-made, so I put the stripes on as I went along. After being applied, each stripe was carefully cut at the top of the hull to create a clean, uniform look [where the deck meets the hull]. My Equinox was first to have the stripes and people seemed to love it as much as I did. When I got my Sitka LT, there was no doubt I would create a matching tiger stripe theme for it. I would estimate each kayak took about 15 hours of time from start to finish. 

3M Gloss Black Vinyl
Q: Have you done any other aftermarket modifications to your kayaks? 
A: One cool thing that comes to mind that each of my Eddyline’s have in common are not easily visible. After I visit a spring, state park, paddling location etc., I always try to purchase a sticker from that place (similar to what folks in RV’s do). I then place those stickers inside the cabin to create a little reminder of accomplishments of where my Eddylines have been. My only rule is I can’t put any stickers from places I’ve never been to.

Eddyline Equinox & Eddyline Sitka LT
Another addition, more of a minor creature comfort… I’ve added “surfboard traction pads” to the inside hull where the heels of my feet rest. This gives my feet a softer surface to relax on versus the plastic. They come in pretty crazy colors, but I opted for black to add some contrast on the white bottom. 
Lastly, both of my Eddylines have Apple AirTags. Fortunately, I’ve never had to use them, but it’s a small peace of mind to have some sort of a GPS tracker if my beloved Eddylines were ever stolen.

Apple AirTag
Q: Why do you love your Eddylines so much? 

 A: After owning two Eddylines I will never go back. Not only are both my Equinox and Sitka LT top notch quality boats, Eddyline as a company embodies what kayaking is all about. The history of Eddyline and the quality of its product continues to impress me. It’s amazing how you can meet someone on the water, who’s also paddling an Eddyline and instantly have so much in common. Kayaking has brought me a lot of joy and even helps keep me in shape. I owe much of my passion for the sport to my Eddyline kayaks.


Eddyline Sitka LT & Equinox near the shore


If you see Travis on the water, say hi! To find his original PRO TIP post and to pick his brain (and other Eddyline paddlers too), find him on the Eddyline Kayaks Owners Group Facebook Page. Happy paddlin!