Crossing over: Hard Shell vs. Inflatable Kayaks

March 10, 2023

A new Eddyline customer who made the switch from an inflatable kayak to a hard shell kayak, thanks to her family!
Crossing over: Hard Shell vs. Inflatable Kayaks


There is no better time to cross over from an inflatable kayak to a hard shell kayak than right now. And there is no better way to cross over and make the upgrade than having your family track down your dream kayak and surprise you with it as a present!

Eddyline super-fan Jay Santos did just this for his sister. Santos explains, “This weekend marked the special occasion of my sister Grace’s 60th birthday. She started kayaking during the pandemic using a used inflatable. Two years later and 25 lbs lighter (thanks to weekend kayak trips) it was time for her to graduate to a hard shell. Our family surprised her with a brand new Eddyline Sky 10!”



What does Grace, the birthday sister have to say about the switch? She’s patiently waiting for the weather to cooperate so she can take her brand new Lime Sky 10 for a spin. “I didn’t think I would be able to purchase this beauty before summer, but my family had other plans.  They surprised me on my 60th birthday!  I have tried my brother’s Skylark and have truly enjoyed its effortless maneuverability and marveled at the transportability, it was so comfortable and stable. I can feel the difference between my inflatable and the Eddyline hard shell. Eddyline Sky 10 was a perfect fit and at 32 lbs. it was just as light as my inflatable.” Grace, it sounds like the upgrade was long overdue.


Happy paddling!