Getting There: Options for Transporting Your Kayak

May 19, 2022

Information about some of the most popular options for transporting your Eddyline kayak.
Getting There: Options for Transporting Your Kayak


Dos and Don’ts: When transporting Eddyline kayaks, please remember the following. DON’T use ratchet straps to tie an Eddyline kayak down. They are too heavy duty and could damage your kayak. Stick with light duty cam buckle straps (more on this later in the article). You can identify the difference by the thickness of the webbing and how complicated the metal buckle is. Ratchet straps have much thicker webbing than cam buckle straps and a more complicated metal buckle. DO use bow and stern tie down lines and a cockpit cover every time you transport your kayak. The bow and stern lines are a safety precaution while the cockpit cover will greatly reduce wear-and-tear on the cockpit outfitting (seat, pads, etc.). 


Kayak folks in the know say that the vast majority of damage to one’s kayak is incurred during transport rather than while on the water. For this reason, it’s important to think out how you’ll get your kayak from point A (your garage) to point B (the water you want to paddle on) as seamlessly as possible. In this article, readers will find a rundown of the top transportation products on the market, most of which were gathered from the Eddyline Kayaks Owners Group on Facebook. 


Thule - Hullavator Pro 

Kayaker folk rave about the Hullavator Pro roof rack product by Thule. As a drop-down rack it boasts easy one-person waist height loading, supports up to 40 lbs., is sturdy and provides maximum kayak protection. Another bonus is Thule’s bullet proof warranty. Folks shorter in stature, those that are aging and able to carry less weight, and everyone else recommend this transport rack system as the best and the industry standard. 


Yakima - Showdown

For cross over water sports enthusiasts, a load-assist mount that can handle both SUPs and kayaks is an asset. The Showdown has this covered and makes loading and unloading either heavy boats or heavy boards a breeze. The lightweight mount tilts down more than two feet from the roof rack. After loading it with gear, the rack will relieve up to half the weight making it easier to push up and set in place. 


Thule Hull-a-Port Aero 

A minimal rack compared to the Hullavator Pro, the Hull-a-Port Aero is a simple j-style kayak transportation rack with great reviews. With a cradle-like shape, the kayak rests nested in the rack and once cam strapped down, is fully secured. This is a top choice for those seeking a low-profile transport system. 


REI - Foam Car Top Carriers

These closed cell foam blocks are cut into a broad chevron or v-shape on one edge ideal for nesting the hull of a kayak.. The blocks also have a puzzle-piece like cut-out allowing them to attach softly, yet securely to roof racks. Once the kayak is secured on the foam blocks with the cam straps attached directly to the cross bars, it won’t move a millimeter. This is a great, less expensive option for those who can easily access the tops of their vehicles.


Yakima - Rack and Roll Trailer

For kayaks or bike transport, this lightweight aluminum trailer is easily towed by a range of vehicles. This trailer is easily stowed in multiple positions, has a carry capacity of 250 lbs. and two sizes of crossmembers and crossbars, 66” and 78”. 


Smaller items to consider


Eddyline Cam Buckle Straps

These straps are priceless when it comes to quickly and easily securing a kayak to your vehicle. A favorite among boaters, the Eddyline brand has the advantage of an extra backing of webbing/fabric behind the metal piece of the cam buckle to avoid scratching your kayak or car. 


Suspenz Portable Stand

While initially you may think these sawhorse prop-up stands are only for your garage, many folks bring these to the beach or riverside on days they plan to have their Eddyline in and out of the water many times. Keeping your boat off the ground for long periods can help prevent it from being damaged. 


Suspenz DLX Airless Cart

This versatile kayak dolly cart accommodates every Eddyline recreational and touring kayak and is a great way to transport your boat whether it's empty or loaded down with gear.  Attached cam straps are strategically positioned to make securing your Eddyline quick and easy. This is an especially handy item if you are transporting a kayak by yourself. Do you have a SOT Caribbean kayak instead of a recreational or touring kayak? Check out the Suspenz Heavy Duty "Deep V" Airless Cart.