Kayak Storage: Winter is the ideal time to outfit your garage for boat storage

January 13, 2023

Helpful ideas about the best ways to store your kayak indoors.
Kayak Storage: Winter is the ideal time to outfit your garage for boat storage


Forget more exercise and cutting back on sweets, the New Year's resolution every kayaker should be zeroing in on this winter is tricking out their garage for maximum and most convenient kayak storage. Hopefully you continue to kayak through the colder months, but as your paddling slows down during winter hibernation, use all your new found free time to work on outfitting and organizing your dream gear garage. Your first priority being, state of the art kayak storage. Here are some suggestions from the diehards on the  Eddyline Kayaks Owners Group Facebook page. Major props for their ingenuity!

Every good endeavor starts with a data gathering phase, and kayak storage is no different. To get your creative juices flowing, check out this  Amazon web page dedicated to kayak storage accoutrement. And, of course, the  Eddyline Kayaks Owners Group Facebook page under the search term storage.

For the lone ranger
Table for one? If you're only housing one kayak, then you're in luck - one kayak is not a big deal in terms of storage solutions. The sky [lark] is the limit.  Suspenz transport and storage solutions offer Heavy Duty Portable Stands, DLX airless cart, wall racks, free standing racks, and more. If do-it-yourself is more your jam, check out this youtube video on  how to make a kayak hoist from easily found components. These solutions will also work for tandem storage. Matthew White’s top choice is a ceiling hoist created from simple components found at Home Depot. 

For the dynamic duo 
If you have more than one kayak but you haven’t quite entered the Noah’s Ark collection phase (one of every color and kind), solutions mentioned in the lone ranger and quiver sections should also work for you. Try two ceiling hoists, one for each boat, two wall racks or even a floor kayak tree, if you have enough space (see more about the kayak tree in the quiver section). 

For the quiver
If space allows, Jon Brouwer, Eddyline superfans advocates for the fully loadable, self-designed and self-built free standing floor kayak storage tree complete with castors for easy moving.

Another option that works for a single boat, tandem, couples kayaks or a quiver is tightly held ceiling slings, which is Stacy Benham’s top choice. This is also a good option for storing a quiver of boats. The downside is accessing each kayak is more difficult than the kayak tree. Releasing the hook on each sling and then lowering each kayak typically requires a ladder and two people.


Pro tip: Pool noodles sliced open on one side make great padding on homemade and manufactured roof and garage racks!