Kayaking media: Videos and forums to get you through the home stretch of winter

March 03, 2022

Kayaking videos, books, and forums to get you through the final stretch of winter.

Kayaking media: Videos and forums to get you through the home stretch of winter

By: K.M. Collins


Has it been a long few winter months since you’ve sat in the cockpit of your kayak? Are you missing the feeling of gliding across water - free as a bird? We are too. Here’s a shortlist of where to go to get your screen time paddle fixes until spring is ready to sprout. Movies, blogs, articles and more. For now, while the flurries still fall and old man winter howls outside, take a dive deep into this media list. There’s something for everyone and you’ll be back on the water before you know it! 


Best Videos

Africa by Kayak: 2000km around the southern tip of Africa

Zac Crouse’s “So fine”

Paddling for Sue

Junk Paddle: Reusing discarded wood to make a paddle

Kayaking the Aleutians

Yoga poses for paddlers 

Kayaking - Birds Singing - Water Sounds

ACA Paddle Sports how-to videos 

Kayak Hipster blog and videos

Happy Paddlin' - YouTube

Paddle TV - Ken Whiting 


Kayaking Literature 


Paddling Mag: Youtube videos, social media and articles to read 

Paddle World Mag: social media and articles to read

Paddling Guide: Videos and how-to’s



Paddling North | By: Audrey Sutherland

Inside: One Woman’s Journey Through the Inside Passage | By: Susan Marie Conrad 

Downriver: Into the Future of Water In the West | By: Heather Hansman 

The Sun is A Compass | By: Caroline Van Hemert 


Kayaking Community Building

Facebook pages

Eddyline Kayaks Owners Group 

Senior Kayakers Group 55+

Kayaking Adventures 

Church of the Double-Bladed Paddle

Kayak Rolling


Facebook Meetups

Lower Columbia Canoe Club - lots of videos

Kayaking Singles of Southern Arizona

Louisiana Yakking and Kayaking


Facebook buy and sell options

East Taxes Kayak Forum

Second hand surf and kayak



Reddit Kayaking page