Let kayaking cast a spell on you: Celebrating Halloween from the water

October 27, 2022

Spooky season is upon us! Read on to learn more about Halloween-themed paddles.
Let kayaking cast a spell on you: Celebrating Halloween from the water

Remember how much fun trick-or-treating was as a kid? Now there’s an equally fun (and age-appropriate) outlet for adults to celebrate Halloween. Witches and warlock kayaking and/or paddle events are sweeping the nation. What started as a fall social scene in larger city centers has branched out to outlying hamlets. Even smaller towns are now offering halloween centric, on water events. 


*Picture from Wickford, RI, 4th Annual Witches Paddle


Below, Sandy Carrell (@lovemykayak), Eddyline superfan, gives us some ideas for celebrating all-hallows-eve by water, and why it’s cast such a spell on her and her paddling community. 


“It all started last year with a SUP witch’s paddle,” explains Carrell. “Since I stay warmer in a kayak I opted to paddle myEquinox and lent mysit-on-top Caribbean 12FS to a friend. One of the reasons I love dressing up and paddling for Halloween so much is that my birthday is October 29th which makes me a pretty witchy baby. I think it is really fun to decorate kayaks with friends and get in the spirit. Other holidays we celebrate in a similar way are Christmas, New Years and we also host a crazy hat paddle.”



If you’re ever in Redding California around one of these holidays, look up Carrell on instagram or the Eddyline owners facebook page. Witches paddle photos are taken at Whiskeytown Lake, Brandy Creek Beach area. 



Upcoming Halloween kayaking events round up:
Bend Witches Paddle - happening October 31st, 3-5PM @ Riverbend Park
Portland Stand Up Paddleboard Witches on the Willamette Facebook Group
Halloween Paddle - happening October 29th, 7AM @ the Wakulla River, Upper Bridge, Florida
Halloween Witch Paddle - happening October 30th, 10AM @ Half Moon Bay’s Princeton Harbor, California
Halloween Social Paddle - happening October 29th, 12:30PM @ Three Sisters Springs Trail Crystal River, Florida
Witches Paddle 2022 - October 23rd, 12:00PM @ Wickford Harbor, RI (catch this annual event next year!)

Curious if there are any other events going on in your area? Reach out to your local independent dealers or local paddle clubs to get more info on holiday happenings near you!