Outfitting a sit-inside kayak for fishing

April 21, 2023

Tips for how to outfit your sit-inside kayak for fishing.
Outfitting a sit-inside kayak for fishing

I know you’ve heard of outfitting a sit-on-top kayak for fishing. But what about a sit-inside fishing kayak? Eddyline Superfan Lance Buckley of Castle Rock, Colorado, now on his fourth Eddyline Kayak, traded his Caribbean 12 (sit-on-top) for a Sandpiper (sit-inside) saying the Sandpiper is lighter and faster on the water than the Caribbean. However, he didn't want to give up his ability to throw in a line while on the water, so he decided to outfit his Sandpiper for fishing just like his Caribbean was.

 Sandpiper with fishing rod holder


Here’s how Buckley set up his Sandpiper…

Rig:  "I attached two strips of commercial grade Velcro to the bottom of my kayak floor and to the bottom of an 8" X 12" plank of wood on which I've attached a Scotty Track and inserted a Scotty Rod Holder.  This rig works perfectly and if you use white Velcro on the kayak floor you won't even notice it when you aren't rigged for fishing."

 Fishing rod holder set up in a Sandpiper


Fishing rod holder mount


Other options...

There are other options too, like the YakCatcher from Cascade Creek, which is an easy and affordable rod holder that clips onto the coaming of your kayak and can be easily removed when you're not in a fishing mood.

If you want to stick with tradition, the Caribbean 12 Angler and Caribbean 14 Angler sit-on-top kayaks come with fishing specific features like footwell pads for traction while you're reeling in the big one, a removable front hatch liner for easy gear access, two flush-mount Sea-Dog rod holders installed behind the cockpit, a variable track-mounted rod holder installed on the gunwale tracks, and a 6" surface mount gear track installed between the foot braces for additional accessory-mounting options.

If you want recommendations on how to outfit your specific Eddyline Kayak for fishing, then feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team at "support@eddyline.com" and they would be happy to walk through the process with you, no matter what model you have. Happy paddlin'!