Q & A with Anacortes Waterfront Alliance

August 01, 2023

A quick Q & A with Mary Trester, executive director of the Anacortes Waterfront Alliance.
Q & A with Anacortes Waterfront Alliance 
Written by: K.M. Collins

Recently,  Anacortes Waterfront Alliance nabbed several  Sky 10’s to share with local Washingtonians and travelers coming through the area. We did a Q & A with Mary Trester, executive director of the Anacortes Waterfront Alliance, to see where the best spots were to paddle and hear about their new fleet of kayaks. 

Q: Can you share a little about Anacortes Waterfront Alliance?

A: The Anacortes Waterfront Alliance (AWA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to waterfront access, preservation and experience. We manage the High School and Middle School Sailing Teams along with summer camp programming. 

Kayaking near Anacortes
Q: What’s it like paddling around Anacortes, WA? What is the landscape like? Is there a route you recommend? 

A: We like to paddle around Fidalgo Bay with unique views of the refineries, marinas and the majestic Mount Baker and cascade mountain range. We are located on the south end of Cap Sante Marina, Port of Anacortes and are happy to bring Eddyline Kayaks into our summer mix of sailboats and stand-up paddleboards.  


Q: Tell us about self-guided tours and rentals? 

A: Right now, we are only providing seaside rentals during the summer that are self-guided. However, we also offer  Introduction to Watersports in partnership with Anacortes Parks and Recreation for the younger kids to learn how to kayak along with water safety. Lastly, we are working with Vamos Outdoor Program to bring migrant family children to the waterfront and experience water activities, including kayaking, this summer with the support of an RCO grant called No Child Left Inside. 

We are open for community rentals on Thursdays from  4:30-7:00 pm and Saturdays from 1:00-5:00 pm.

Q: What Eddyline model do you have in your fleet of kayaks? 

A: We have Sky 10 kayaks, and they are fast, fun and stable. My team and I all had a blast on the water zipping around Fidalgo Bay.