The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Kayakers

December 02, 2022

Check out this specially curated gift guide listing some of the hottest, must-have accessories and upgrades for kayakers this holiday season.
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Kayakers
Are you looking for holiday gift ideas for a loved one who kayaks? Don’t worry, we did the leg work for you. Check out this specially curated gift guide listing some of the hottest, must-have accessories and upgrades for kayakers this holiday season. Or, just stick with a partridge in a pear tree [but don’t forget to include a gift receipt - wink, wink, nudge, nudge]. 

Stocking stuffers
Decals - How about repping the brands you adore and love with fancy stickers and decals posted on your boat? Eddyline makes stickers available for many of their models which can be attached to your kayak for extra flair or stuck to a vehicle, reusable water bottle, or other hard surface. 

Watershirts and sunshade hoodies - Give the gift of safety and protection with a sporty, sleek, skin covering UV protectant sunshade hoody or watershirt. Look for a rating of 50 or higher and thumb holes on sleeves for the ultimate in skin protection while paddling.

Badger Balm - After the wet and dry of water splashing on your hands while kayaking and the over gripping that can occur on the shaft of a paddle blade, rehydrate and protect your hands with Badger Balm. An all-natural salve that helps to smooth the fraying skin of dry hands, the concoction also works well as a face protectant in high winds. 

Throw Bag -Oregon River Gear makes the ideal and easy to use safety line designed according to the highest and most nuanced standards compared to other bags of its same kind. If that special someone you boat with doesn’t have a throw-bag, just remember nothing says "I love you" like safety. 

Fluid Strokes Repair - Surprise someone you care about by getting the gaskets repaired on their dry suit. Broken gaskets can really put a damper on winter boating, the time of year when a dry top or dry suit is most essential. Send it in to get fixed ASAP.

Twistlock beverage holder- Looking for a hands-free beverage holder? More and more paddle folks are looking to Twistlock, sip, twist, go beverage systems to securely hold their drinks while traveling across the water. Compatible with insulating koozies, big gulps and tumblers are all available. 

Under the falls sportswear - Hand-made boutiquebase layers are maybe the most romantic gift you can get for your sweetheart this holiday season. Fleecy long-janes that keep you warm and snuggled into the cockpit while you kayak are always a winner when it comes to presents. Mens and Women’s sizing available.

Wool Socks - Top Socks byImmersion Research are a fast favorite for boaters because they are made from American sourced merino wool, which is naturally antibacterial, and with extra padding in the foot bed and cuff they make an excellent crossover sock for hiking or skiing. Toast up your tootsies on even the coldest of days with these bad boys. 

Big Kahuna items 
Seat outfitting -Back rests,hip pads,seat bottom pads and more. Look through Eddyline’s website to see an extensive assortment of replacement padding for Eddyline kayaks, or check out adjustable add-ons (like these products from Cascade Creek:Yakpads® - Cascade Creek) to tweak your cockpit to fit your bum as comfortably as possible. 

Spray skirt - If you're thinking of paddling on moving water or in the ocean, a spray skirt is a no brainer. Additionally, to protect your cockpit and keep the interior clean during transport and storage, consider acockpit cover.

Suspenz transport and storage accessories- We all know there are endless ways to store and transport our kayak. But having the specific gear designed for that purpose is critical to keeping your kayak in good working condition. This holiday, help your loved one store their prized possession properly so it will stay in good nick for years to come.

A shiny new kayak - Whether you're adding to a quiver or dipping a toe in for the first time, Eddyline has the kayak you need for the Christmas Day wow factor. If I could wave a magic wand and see a kayak wrapped up with a bow under the tree, I would choose aFathom, no contest. 

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about the best gift for paddlers everywhere - quality time on the water! Reach out to your local Eddyline dealer (Find an Eddyline Kayak Dealer - eddylinekayaks) to inquire about any guided trips, tours, lessons, or other special paddling events that you could surprise your loved one with.