This Just In: New Eddyline paddling apparel has arrived

July 28, 2022

More info on the brand new CG Habitats x Eddyline apparel.

This Just In: New Eddyline paddling apparel has arrived
By: K.M. Collins

Have you been wanting to trade up to flashier sun shade layers? Are your old light-weight coverings thread bare and in last season's tiered color profiles? Eddyline has good news for you - our custom branded outer layers (created in partnership with  Candy Grind Habitats) have arrived. Read on to learn more about the bells and whistles that set our hoodies, rash guards, water shirts and neck gaiters apart from other recycled microfiber products. And order one while supplies last! 

Eddyline Soleado Hooded Sun Shirt
Blue like the waterways you’ll be paddling this summer, the Soleado Hoody also features a trendy bathymetry print. Secure your necessities like chapstick, sunscreen or snacks in the zippable kangaroo hoody. Adjust the hood with convenient bungies and bead stoppers. Thumb holes, three quarter chest zip and moisture wicking, quick drying fabric help with breathability. An ultrasoft, microfiber knit makes this sunshade hoody the perfect choice any time you’ll be in the sun, on or off the water. 

Eddyline Compass Logo Water Shirt  White
This slim fit and sleek UV protectant sun shirt or rash guard has a long back hem and arm reach for extra skin coverage. The white color and Eddyline compass logo lend themselves to a yacht or boat club look. This quick dry top will keep your skin protected and keep up a business casual look, all at the same time. 
Eddyline Sunset Logo Water Shirt Black
Similar in fit and design to the Compass logo water shirt, the Sunset Logo shirt in Black sports a slightly different logo. A long standing and iconic Eddyline logo featuring a blue silhouetted paddler making his way into the sunset like a water cowboy is seen on the breast of the shirt. This throwback look is particularly appealing for those who have been paddling Eddylines since the dawn of the brand. 
Eddyline Sunset Logo Water Shirt  Multicolor
Speaking of sunrises and sunsets, this multicolored sun shirt features a colorful string of stripes like those one might find on a watercolor painting. Or, when sun and water soaked clothes bleed colors like a one of a kind tie-dye. And like all the shirts in Eddylines 2022 lineup, the Sunset Logo Water Shirt has an ultra soft microfiber knit, is quick drying, moisture wicking and provides superior breathability. 

Stretch Neck Gaiter
Made of a combo of Polyester and Elastane, this neck gaiter will keep the front and back of your exposed neck area protected from the sun. Great for long hours under the sun and for those hard to protect spots like the back of the neck, ears and front of the neck. It can even be stretched over the lower jaw and nose to protect from UV rays that may be reflecting off the water and bouncing up from underneath. The gaiter mirrors the color and pattern of the blue bathymetry pattern on the Soleado Hoody. 
Protect yourself from the potentially harmful long term effects of sun exposure, dress in yacht chic style and represent your favorite paddle brand (Eddyline) all at the same time - pick up one of these tops or gaiters while supplies last. 
Happy paddling!