Trip Report: Cumberland Island

February 25, 2022

Eddyline customer Craig Holder recalls his first overnight paddling trip to Cumberland Island.
Trip Report: Cumberland Island

When retired Georgian Craig Holder was invited to go on his first kayaking overnight, a 12.5 mile trip from Crooked River to Brickhill on Cumberland Island, he said his Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5, a well-loved but discontinued model, was the perfect boat for the skull. Holder was able to pack his tent, water, food and all supplies needed for a two-night, three-day trip.



About the excursion, Holder shared, “I was told the paddle would be challenging because of prevailing winds and strong currents. We launched from Crooked River State Park in St. Mar’s, Georgia. It was a 4-hour paddle to Brickhill on Cumberland Island. I was the rookie paddling with 6 other very experienced kayakers. While the others hiked to the other side of Cumberland to check out beaches and wildlife, I stayed back and looked for locations to wet a hook and fish. It will be hard to top this epic trip. I want to thank my fellow kayakers for their guidance and patience. I will be back for sure!” See his slideshow tied to mileage at this link.


Donkeys, catching fish, cigars, Plum Orchard Wharf, and the outstanding sunsets from camp - what’s not to like? Check out this link to more photos from Holder’s trip. See Holder’s original post on the Eddyline Owner’s Group Facebook Page.



Why choose this destination for your next paddle excursion? For one, it’s located in the Southern United States which means the weather is more likely to be warm later into the fall or earlier in the spring. Holder and his crew embarked in early November. In addition, Paddling Magazine says “Cumberland Island’s 18-mile stretch of undeveloped beach is an important nesting site for the endangered loggerhead sea turtle and responsible for a quarter of all turtles hatched in Georgia”, so it’s a great location for wildlife viewing too!



Because this section of water is affected by the tide and coastal weather conditions - it’s a good idea to check out lots of resources before you head out on this paddle adventure. See the Men’s Journal article and the trip report. Don’t want to go it alone on a private trip? Check in with Jacksonville Kayak Company for one of numerous Cumberland Island guided tour choices. 

Do you have a similarly awesome adventure you’ve done in your neck of the woods? Reach out to support@eddyline.comto tell us all about it and for a chance to be featured in our next Trip Report!