Trip Report: Three half-days and three different New York waterways

July 28, 2023

Read on to hear about Eddyline paddlers Jennifer Giuglianotti and Dad Michael Giuglianotti spending Father’s Day kayaking together in their Rio and Skylark.
Trip Report: Three half-days and three different New York waterways
Edited by: K.M. Collins
Provided by: Jennifer Giuglianotti, @bloombytheriver


“My dad is the Ultimate Adventurer. And he loves kayaking. So for Father’s Day we spent three half-days on three different waterways in our Eddyline kayaks together. Here’s a quick and dirty triple-threat trip report to entice you to check these spots out too!


Rio and Skylark paddling in a river
Delaware River, Bashakill Wildlife Management Area in Wurtsboro, NY
Red-winged blackbirds lifted off as we paddled along the buds of yellow, Lily pads. We hoped to catch a sight of the Bald eagles who nest here every year. Along the way, a Great White Heron flew across the water as if guiding us along. As we approached an eagles nest we craned our necks up to see the majestic bird atop the pine tree, gazing down at us as we silently sailed by.
Rio Reservoir in Forestburg, NY
The stream current entering the reservoir was strong.  We paddled up river first, as far as we could. Trout were rising and jumping out of the water to gulp up Sulfur Mayflies.   It was my first time casting a fly rod; Dad patiently encouraged and guided me along.
Fish jumped all around, happily evading us. Dad claims I was helping by being his steady wading stick, but I found it fun to carry the cute bags of fly-fishing gear. I loved seeing the "content smile on his face" as we stood hip-deep in the river, the kayaks safely docked against the riverbank. Just a few more minutes, he'd say, as I worried if we'd stay out past dark. "There's a full moon– We will be fine", he reminded me.
I paddled back fast to make sure of it. He trailed behind and I wondered why he was so slow… Well, he had been trailing the fishing line in the water and managed to catch a fish WHILE kayaking accidentally. A fine catch, I must say. What fun to both kayak and fish simultaneously.
We kayaked back out of the river to the ramp by moonlight.  Loaded kayaks onto your Yakima Jaylow cradle by headlamps.
Delaware River, Milford to Dingmans Ferry
Attempting a longer stretch this round, we took a slower pace with many bald eagles hanging along the riverbed. As we finished our trip, a river otter nearly lept into dad's kayak as he swam along.
It's the moments together where we aren't talking but we're experiencing peace together. Peace and awe. It's a gift to cherish precious time floating along under the sun (and moonlight).
Adventures await.”

Rio and Skylark

What Jennifer loves about Eddyline kayaks:
“Eddyline kayaks glide smoothly and track perfectly.  Thigh supports fit you like a glove, allowing for responsiveness. I love that I can pack snacks and always be munching. Row, row, munch, glide. “
Jennifer's Eddyline Kayak story:
“We sold a car to get these kayaks, upon Dad’s urging. We waited 6 months to get them and drove 5 hours up to the Adirondacks to pick them up.
It makes Dad so happy to see me love the water like he does. He's the ultimate outdoorsman and is now teaching me how to fly fish. On our most recent trip, when I was nervous about the rapids he calmly said to me, ‘pick a side of the rocks.’ Kayaking is our favorite thing to do together. “